Our editorial services are for anyone who wants to get published – whether that is with a traditional publisher or if you prefer to go it alone.

Going through this process will help you build confidence in your work and help you give it the best shot to get that deal – or push you ahead of the self-publishing hordes.

For any author, the hard work begins in getting it right and, if you’re not willing to invest in your work, how can you expect a commitment from anyone else?


Up to 50 double-spaced pages (opening extract) £175

Up to 100 double-spaced pages (opening extract) £295

Full manuscripts of 101-205 double-spaced pages £350

Manuscripts longer than 205 pages @ £1.75 per double-spaced page for the first 300 pages and £1.20 per page thereafter £1.75/page + £1.20/page

Short Stories

Up to 3,000 words – £85

Each additional 2,000 words (over 3,000) £10


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